Vintage Tonewheel Restorations had its humble beginning over 20 years ago, when Michael Bonnell learned the inner workings of his own Hammond and Leslie, so he could maintain them while out touring across Canada. The first workshop was his tiny downtown apartment, where it was quite common to find organ parts scattered about on every available surface.

Throughout the years he further developed a technician’s skill-set and expanded his services to include Wurlitzer, Rhodes, and other keyboards. Guitar amplifiers also became an important addition to the workbench, restoring the glory of your favourite sounds. From 1950’s Fender Tweed amps to the many modern designs that Leo Fender inspired, they’ve all been here on the VTR bench.

Mike’s Hammond organ and Leslie speaker services are now sought after from all across southwestern Ontario. Also, as an authorized Yamaha and Casio service center, Vintage Tonewheels can get your newer keyboard back on track as well.

Mike’s continued passion for restoring music gear is evident in his professional quality repairs and top notch customer care.

What People Say

He’s honest, forthright, and quite clearly an expert at what he does.

David U.

Mike’s attention to detail and constant email updates were extremely helpful and much appreciated.

Simon L.

Whether it is vintage or newer, he has a knack for making them work better than I could have expected.

Gary B.

Let’s build something together.

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